Resetting Expectations

Albert Einstein once described insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Different teams are motivated in different ways at different times.  Sometimes, coaches find themselves using one approach with a team only to determine that another approach would raise a team to a higher level of performance.  If only the players were involved, changing approaches would be relatively easy.  However, in youth sports, coaches often forget that parents are watching and trying to participate as well.

Before changing approaches, coaches first need to consider communicating the new approach with parents to give them an opportunity to reset their expectations for practices, games and player-coach interactions.  Without this prior communication, parents may become confused by what they see and parent confusion eventually leads to player confusion.

A proactive and communicative approach with parents is an essential first step before changing approaches with youth players.  By working with parents in advance, coaches can get parents helping with the change rather than resisting it due to past expectations.

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