Stamina, Strength, Quickness and Agility

Physical conditioning away from sports is an important part of skills development. Without physical conditioning, the body lacks the ability to make challenging plays. To get in shape for sports requires a variety of exercises to improve these areas:

  • Stamina – The body’s ability to work hard over time. Exercises such as jogging and sprinting help build stamina.
  • Strength – The body’s ability to exert effort. Exercises such as push-ups, chin-ups and leg lifts help build strength.
  • Quickness – The ability of the body to move rapidly. Jumping, bounding and skipping rope help build quickness.
  • Agility – The ability to start, stop and change direction quickly. Running obstacle courses and zig-zag running help build agility.

There is not a single exercise that covers all these needs. Athletes need to do a variety of exercises throughout the week to give their bodies the ability to perform better at practices and games.

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