The Consequences of Burnout

In a previous issue of this newsletter, we identified nine symptoms of youth sports burnout and some simple ways to combat it. If left untreated, burnout in young athletes can lead to a variety of problems including:

  • Poor performance at school
  • Negative attitudes toward parents
  • Complete loss of interest in sports
  • Poor health

High school athletes who have their driver’s license also face the risk of an accident caused by fatigue. This problem has become serious enough that the National Institute of Health now actively sponsors programs aimed at educating parents and kids about the dangers caused by a lack of sleep.

Burnout is the body’s way of saying “slow down.” Kids do not often recognize burnout, so it is up to parents to help them address it. When parents see their child struggling with burnout, they need to take immediate action. Waiting until the end of the season or after the next set of games can only make the problem worse and potentially dangerous.

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