Should Coaches Be Committed?

The start of a new season often means a new coach. Over time, the different backgrounds and styles of each coach will work to benefit a child’s abilities by providing fresh insights and approaches. Parents need to help the coach make the most of the limited time to create the best experience possible for their child. Parents also need to make sure that the coach is someone they want to instruct their child. There are 10 commitments that parents should expect out of a coach. Coaches should be committed to:

  1. Safety – Putting player safety first. This means everything from refusing to play an injured player to forfeiting a game that has become unsafe.
  2. Fun – Showing an understanding that a player’s effort is often determined by the amount of fun involved.
  3. Maturity – Positively handling the emotions of competitive play.
  4. Sportsmanship – Demonstrating the right way to lose as well as to win.
  5. Goals – Setting expectations for their players and for their team
  6. Education – Helping kids better understand and play the sport.
  7. Preparation – Spending the time to create organized and productive practices.
  8. Communication – Explaining the details of player progress, skills, plays or games to players and parents alike.
  9. Players – Demonstrating concern about players as individuals as well as about the team as a whole.
  10. Passion – Generating a positive passion for the sport and for fair competition.

Most coaches will meet these commitment tests with flying colors. However, there may be occasions when coaches don’t measure up. Then, parents must resolve the situation. Next week’s newsletter will provide some thoughts on this issue.

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