Should Parents Be Committed?

Parents are an integral part of any youth team. Not only do they provide equipment, transportation and funding for the team, parents also spend much more time with the players than the coaches do. For teams to work well, there are 10 commitments that coaches should expect out of parents. Parents should be committed to:

  1. Patience – Giving kids the time and space to develop the necessary skills and passion for the game. Too much pressure to succeed immediately only makes it harder for coaches to teach fundamentals.
  2. Fun – Working to create a season of great memories for the future.
  3. Maturity – Helping kids handle the emotions of competitive play.
  4. Support – Working with the coach to help kids acquire the physical development skills necessary.
  5. Communication – Letting the coach know about any family or life issues affecting the players.
  6. Praise – Providing the positive motivation that players need to continue working hard.
  7. Preparation – Getting their kids ready for games and practices with the right equipment, rest and nutrition.
  8. Punctuality – Showing up on time for practices and games.
  9. Sportsmanship – Being positive role models for handling losses and wins.
  10. Team – Demonstrating concern for the needs of the team as well as for the needs of their own child.

Most coaches can run their season without having to confront a lack of parental commitment. When this does become a problem, coaches may occasionally be forced to resolve the situation for the benefit of a player or the team. Next week’s newsletter will provide some thoughts on how to deal with this issue.

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