Falling League Participation?

Is this happening to your league?

Q. Our little legaue is down 50% over the last three years. Has anyone developed a survey to find out the underlying causes so that we can address them at the board?

A. There may be some general reasons why league participation is down, but generally the things that drive a league are the same things that drive local business – a quality product and good marketing. The Sports Esteem website (http://www.sportsesteem.com/) can help you define the league guidelines for the way parents and coaches can work together to create a great experience for kids, then get the word out! Use the schools, churches and other community groups to let parents and kids know that a great experience is waiting for them with your league. Emphasize the fun, friendship, learning and the health benefits of participation.


One Response to Falling League Participation?

  1. Flash says:

    In the state of Colorado USA Hockey has had record sign ups of new players, yet one area has shown a decline. While Colorado leads the nation in new player sign ups, Fort Collins Colorado has shown a decline; despite a rapidly growing population of families with kids.

    I suspect it has a lot to do with ‘non profit’ organizations that run the hockey programs trying to maximize their profits in an attempt to grow. Parents only take so much of this kind of gouging before they move on to other avenues of recreation.

    Quality product? I’d look there first then move on to demographics. A spreadsheet of age appropriate youths at the different levels of play in comparison to the communities would be an interesting visual.

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