Hockey Workbook

Hockey WorkbookThis book is now available free for download,
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Sports Esteem’s Hockey Workbook is the best way to coordinate players, parents and coaches to develop young hockey players. Breaking hockey down into the five fundamental categories of PPASS (preparation, position, attitude, skills and strategies), the Workbook provides 56 different worksheets and supporting information so that younger players can learn about hockey in a manageable and organized way with their parent’s help.

Innovative Worksheet-based Training

Whether parents are hockey experts or not, the Workbook lets parents participate in and become a big help to their child’s sports activities. Each lesson is presented in a unique worksheet format that is designed to be completed together by parent and child together. Each worksheet has a Discussion section that is designed for parents to read to their child. Then, Key Points for Parents and Key Points for Players sections recap key information. Exercises for the player then help reinforce the lesson. Each worksheet provides useful information that helps parent and child appreciate the many aspects of the sport.

More Than Just Hockey Skills

Playing sports involves much more than just game skills. Sports can teach children many life lessons and help them develop work habits and attitudes that will help them their throughout their lives. In addition, the physical demands of hockey require that parents and player pay attention to nutrition, exercise and other off-ice aspects. Specific worksheets cover these topics, so that players not only know the game skills necessary for on-ice success, but the life skills as well.

Improved Parent Participation

Coaches rarely have more than a couple of hours a week with younger players. Yet, hockey is game of many skills and there is seldom enough time in a season for coaches to teach everything to their players. By using the Workbook’s unique worksheet method of player/parent instruction, coaches can encourage parents in helping to teach players the correct ways to play.

Season Lesson Plans

A complementary Coach’s Guide helps coaches use the Workbook to improve their practices and teams by using off-ice time to maximum advantage. The Coach’s Guide provides suggested season lesson plans so that the Workbook can be used throughout the season to improve players’ abilities and attitudes. Rather than force a young player to digest a 240 page book all at one time, the Coach’s Guide helps keep the information manageable so that it doesn’t require too much time each week, yet it helps players and teams get better each week. It also helps coaches stay in step with parents.

 Worksheets Included

Getting Started

  1. Lessons From Hockey
  2. Coach & Team Selection
  3. Trying Out for Select Teams
  4. Game Time (for Parents)
  5. PrepationEquipment Selection
  6. Taping the Stick
  7. Equipment Maintenance
  8. Rules Overview
  9. Penalties
  10. Hockey Rinks
  11. Nutrition
  12. Warm Ups and Stretching
  13. Off-Ice Conditioning & StaminaPosition
  14. Center – Overview
  15. Center – Defensive Responsibilities
  16. Center – Offensive Responsibilities
  17. Winger – Overview
  18. Winger – Defensive Responsibilities
  19. Winger – Offensive Responsibilities
  20. Defense – Overview
  21. Defense – Defensive Responsibilities
  22. Defense – Offensive Responsibilities
  23. Goalie
  24. Team Position ExercisesAttitude
  25. Team Play
  26. Listening
  27. Leadership
  28. Goal Setting
  29. Practices
  30. Handling the Scoreboard
  31. Handling the OfficialsSkills
  32. Stance
  33. Skating
  34. Falling
  35. Heads Up Hockey
  36. Gripping the Stick
  37. Shooting
  38. Face-offs
  39. Stick Handling
  40. Passing
  41. Special Passes
  42. Defensive Stick Usage
  43. Goalie Saves
  44. Goalie SkatingStrategies
  45. Communicating on the Ice
  46. Face-off Planning
  47. Dumping and Chasing
  48. Crashing the Net
  49. Setting up the Offensive Formation
  50. Defending Against Rushes
  51. Setting up the Defensive Formation
  52. Clearing the Puck
  53. Breakout to Offensive Attack
  54. Neutral Zone Coverage
  55. Playing a Breakaway for Goalies Post Game
  56. Post Game Conversations

3 Responses to Hockey Workbook

  1. Bo says:

    This is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen! For a parent who never played the game, I can finally help my child learn skills and strategies without giving them bad information. I’ve been looking for something like this since my child first straped on skates and a helmet.

  2. Anthony says:

    AWESOME, This book is very thorough and touches every aspect of the game at the begining top intermediate level. I would even say it very well could be called the Bible of hockey for again…begininers to intermediate!!! BRAVO

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