Team Handout

Team Handout This handout is now available free for download,
click here to download

The start of every season features the ritualistic parent meeting where coaches and parents get to know each other and help shape expectations for the upcoming practices and competitions. Sports Esteem has put together a free handout that coaches and league officials can use to help facilitate introductions and expectations. It includes:

  • Parent Ice Breaker
  • Coaching Philosophies
  • Team Goals
  • Player Goals
  • Team Policies
  • Information on the Role of the Team Activities Coordinator
  • Answers to Frequent Parent Questions
  • 101 Ways to Praise a Child

The Team Handout is an important step in getting parents positively engaged with the team, the coach and the other parents. It helps make parents part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Skills Development CycleSkills Development Cycle
The Team Handout continues educating parents about the youth sports experience by introducing the concept of the Skills Development Cycle. This concept provides a foundation for parents and coaches to create an approach where kids will want to build skills and improve.

Download the Team Handout


2 Responses to Team Handout

  1. Joe Nook says:

    Can I purchase your publications in bulk? I have found them to be great tools to educate parents and coaches.



  2. sportsesteem says:

    The publications are no longer for sale, but they are all available for free download on this website.

    Jeff Farris
    Sports Esteem

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